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How to implement WebSocket in Django using Channels and Stream WebSocket data

Django Websocket

WebSocket is a technology that makes the two-way connection between a client browser and a server where a client can send and receive messages from the server without waiting for each other responses. There are many ways to create WebSocket.

WebSocket in different languages/frameworks/libraries …

22 Feb 2021 Django
Custom Django data migrations with RunPython Class

In the Django framework, Migration is a very important part for operation on the database.
so today I’m showing you How Django migration can be useful for automatic data upload on creating a table in the database.

Let …

08 Feb 2021 Django
How to GET nested data (POST without nested) in Django REST Framework

DRF Nested Data
In this post, you're going to learn how to get nested data from the Django REST framework.

Django REST Framework uses Serializer class that converts Django queryset to JSON with Python datatypes

But if you define Serializer class with the nested class so …

02 Feb 2021 Django
How to make charts in django admin interface?

Django Charts

Django admin is a great interface and powerful features for managing data. It shows models that are registered in of apps.

Django admin has full customization for developers and current many libraries available's on GitHub that can change the interface of admin with …

15 Sep 2017 Django